Exploring a Strange New World

I have a confession to make. I’m a 40-year-old, self-confessed geek and until very recently I had never seen a single episode of any Star Trek television show. As a matter of fact, until the 2009 version cinematic version of Star Trek, falling asleep at the drive-in while the rest of my family watched The Wrath of Khan was the extent of my viewing history.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened. Part of it is that I was that such a loyal Star Wars fan when I was a kid. The original Star Trek tv show seemed so boring in comparison…way too much yappin’ and not close to enough zappin’.

Maybe it was simply the bad guys. The original series of Star Trek had villains like this:


picture of a space hippie playing a type of guitar

Credit: TrekCore.com

While Star Wars had this guy:

I know that film budgets were way higher and that Star Wars came a decade later but back then I didn’t care about these things; I just wanted to be awed and scared at the same time. Vader did that perfectly.

It wasn’t simply the crappy bad guys though.  I could never quite bring myself to be both a Star Trek and Star Wars fan. A line had to be drawn.Just like it didn’t feel right to listen to Elvis when I was a Beatles fan or try to watch Transformers when I was into the GoBots.  (By the way, don’t get me started on the GoBots v Transformers thing. We all know (right, right?) that the GoBots were the original transforming robots and superior in every way…with the possible exception being the voice actor for Optimus Prime – he was badass.) 

Just like it didn’t feel right to listen to Elvis when I was a Beatles fan or try to watch Transformers when I was into the GoBots.

By the time Star Trek: The Next Generation showed up of television I was firmly entrenched as a Star Wars kid and just didn’t see that changing. My dad wanting to watch TNG probably didn’t help its chances. I was thirteen and ready to immediately dismiss just about anything that my dad was interested in watching. I’ve since learned that maybe I wasn’t just rebelling but beginning to show a discerning taste in media because my dad still has terrible taste in tv shows and movies.

After watching the JJ Abrams reboot I started to warm to the possibility of giving Star Trek a chance…maybe slowly thaw is a better term because it has been six years since that film came out. With the release of TNG on blu-ray I got my next little burst of warmth. Listening to the Giant Bombcast and hearing Brad Shoemaker gush about the show almost made me take the plunge.  My biggest concern was the time commitment that I’d need to get through the entire run of the show. Did I really have the time and the patience to sit through 178 hours of television and a handful of movies?  Yeah, probably not.

So, the idea of watching the show was left to bounce around in head until I stumbled across Max Temkin’s guide to the series.  It was exactly what I needed, telling me which episodes to skip (turns out it’s most of season one and season seven) and which are not to be missed (Measure of a Man, I’m looking at you).  After finding myself in something of a television viewing malaise post season 5 of Game of Thrones I realised that the time was finally right to take the plunge.

As I journey into the final frontier I thought it might be fun to keep a Captain’s log of my own adventures with the Enterprise.

What?  Too cheesy?  Now that I’ve watched the pilot episode I know that it’s just the right amount of cheese

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  1. Mel Lineham

    Yay for the blog! Just like being a “Holden or Ford man” – it’s funny how we can become so entrenched in who we are. Hope you enjoy your venture into the dark side!

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